During the excursion day on the 2th of August, you can choose from a variety of activities for a small additional fee. Below you find all the information about each excursion and also a link to make your pre-booking.  

Booking and payment for excursions before arrival is highly recommended – on site the late-comers payment options will be limited! For booking/payment follow the link:


  • Excursion 1: Discover Visby on your own

We organize transportation from and to Visby and provide you with a map with recommendations on where to go.

Visby is the main city in Gotland and is arguably the best preserved medieval city in Scandinavia. Since 1995 it has been on the UNESCO World Heritage Site list. Here you can explore a variety of historical buildings of the medieval time, a number of church ruins and museums and gardens. Among the most notable historical remains are the 3,4 km (2.1 mi) long city wall from the 13th century that encircles the city centre. Visby is a picturesque city perfect to stroll around with nice cafés, galleries and shops where you can find all sorts of local handcraft. It is located by the sea and has a small harbour and recreation area close to the sea.

Prices: Adult 20 € / Youth 18 > 5 years old 15 € / Children > 5 years old free

  • Excursion 2: Discover Visby with a guide and on your own

We organize transportation from and to Visby, where we will meet Visby’s best tour-guide(s) that will provide in depth knowledge about the site and history of the city.

Get to know about Visby with a guided tour. This is the perfect tour if you want to know more about the history of Visby. The day starts at the historical museum of Gotland where you will be guided through the museum and the city as well. You will also be able to visit some private houses of “historical interest”. The guided tour lasts for two hours and afterwards you can discover the city on your own. The guided tour will be in English.

Prices: Adult 30 € / Youth 18 > 5 years old 25 € / Children > 5 years old free

  • Excursion 3: Visit Waterpark Kneipbyn including Pippis Villa Villekulla

We organize transportation from and to the location.

Perfect family trip. Have fun in the water and amusement park, including a visit at Villa Villekulla, the famous house from Pippi Longstocking films:  http://kneippbyn.se/sommar-vattenland/attraktioner/

Kneipbyn is located 4,5 kilometres south of Visby, close to the waterfront. (If you want to take a local bus to Visby during the day and stay there, you can order your pick up back to Farö Kursgard from Visby. Please inform us in advance via e-mail.). 

Prices: Adult 20 € / Youth 18 > 5 years old 15 € / Children > 5 years old free

  • Excursion 4Visit the Lummelunda-Cave 

Lummelunda Cave is a limestone cave a couple of kilometers north of Visby. You can combine the visit of the caves with a hang-out at a nice seafront recreation area close by. (If you want to take a local bus to Visby and continue the day there, this is also a possibility – but if you do so, please inform us in advance so that we know where we will pick you up.)



Prices: Adult 20 € / Youth 18 > 5 years old 15 € / Children > 5 years old free

  • Excursion 5Discover Fårö on a guided tour and optional hang-out at Sundersand beach

We organize transportation with a bus around the island with a local guide. And we offer a pickup from Sundersand-beach if you decide to spend the rest of the day at the beach.

The tour will take you to different interesting and beautiful areas on the island including the famous sea stack fields of Fårö. You will have the chance to contemplate the large vertical limestone formations that have been shaped by the sea; some of Ingmar Bergman’s films were shot at these locations. You will get to know more about the islands history and nature. The Guided tour will last for about 3 hours. After the guided tour, there will be an opportunity to stay at Sudersand which is one of the largest beaches of Fårö, with the characteristic white sand. 



Prices: Adult 20 € / Youth 18 > 5 years old 15 € / Children > 5 years old free

  • Excursion 6Bike-hiking around Fårö on your own 

We organize a bike for you and provide you with a suggested tour-map. 

Biking on the island will give you the opportunity to discover the stunning landscapes of the island and also to visit the Bergman Centre and the local heritage Museum. On the way, you could also do some quick stops to have something delicious to eat or drink. 



Prices: Adult 18 € / Youth 18 > 5 years old 15 € (in this case, payment will exceptionally occur on site according to show of interest below).


  • General Information about Fårö and Gotland: 




Photo Credits: Annikki Wahlöö