Cultural Program

The Cultural Program is divided into two sections:

Morning Program:

  • Vinyasa Flow Yoga: a dynamic yoga style that focuses on the synchronisation of movement and breath while executing a sequence of postures. The postures are performed in a flowing and smooth way, becoming almost a dance. During the summer session, the participants will have the chance to practice short designed classes (45-50 min) that will help them to release tension by enhancing a deeper awareness about one’s physicality. 

These classes will be held by the Arrkom Member Nathalie Fari who besides her artistic activities, is an experienced yoga teacher certified in the Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga System.

  • Jympa by Friskis & svettis

Friskis & Svettis is a swedish non profit fitness organization founded in 1978. The organization plays an important role in swedish mass sports culture – there is nobody who does not know about it. Friskis & Svettis attracts a wide variety of people in all ages and can be found in most cities and towns across the country. The main idea is to create an allowing non-achievement-oriented movement culture for everybody who wants to move.

During the week at Fårö Kursgård, you will have the chance to participate in one of Friskis & Svettis most traditional work out concepts – ”Jympa”, led by two different local leaders.Jympa” is a group work out to music, with a mix of cardio, strength, and flexibility training. The training lasts 45 min, and is led by a leader who guides you through the exercises. Prepare to become sweaty and to have fun!

For more information, please visit the website:

Evening Program: 

Explore the local context and celebrate every evening a special event (the full program will be updated soon).

  • JAZZ`N FOLK/ Monday, 30th of July – OPEN TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC (Costs: for free)

Jazz and folk meeting in a vibrant combination: Concert with the two local musicians Josef Karnebäck (double bass)  and Erik Ronström (guitar).

Short Bios of the musicians:

Josef Karnebäck was born in 1987 on the island of Gotland, and when he was eight years old he started playing the cello. When he was 14, a love for the double-bass and the electric bass guitar took over, and at the age of eighteen he was admitted to the Royal College of Music in Stockholm. He graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree from the Malmö Academy of Music (Lund University), and then returned to Stockholm, where he graduated from the Royal College of Music’s Master’s Programme in Jazz.

A broad range of genres and musical variation have always been the hallmark of Josef’s musicianship. He has constantly moved between different types of ensemble, such as jazz and folk groups, big bands, symphony orchestras, pop groups and brass bands. He has played in operas and musicals, in concert halls and on intimate club stages.

On 19 March, at a ceremony at the Academy of Music in Stockholm,  Josef Karnebäck was announced as the winner of the 2015 Jan Wallander Prize. The jury’s citation for this year’s winner was: “The 2015 prizewinner has many facets and colours to his playing, a wonderful tone, brilliant technique and an irresistible swing. Our prizewinner’s personality reflects a unique artistry, where his strong individual voice and his will to communicate with his fellow musicians and his audience burn with a bright flame.”

In the first half of 2015, in addition to completing his Master’s Degree from the Royal College of Music, Josef released his debut album as a soloist with his own group, entitled “Momentum.” His music is episodic and sonorous, challenging the instrument’s traditional place in an ensemble. This modern, composed, acoustic jazz mixes bold rhythmic elements with a care for melody and tone. He’s a member of the Swedish Wind Ensemble since 2018.


Erik Ronström grew up in Visby in a musical family, where singing and playing music together was a central part of family life. He started playing the piano from an early age, but later on guitar came to be his main instrument. Erik primary focus has been on traditional music, and he has studied Swedish folk music in ”folkhögskola” in Malung and Bollnäs, as well as at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm. However he has also been playing and performing in many other styles, including pop, rock, traditional music from Ireland, Bulgaria, Russia, choir music etc. Today Erik lives in Mästerby, 20 km south of Visby, and he shares his time between his family with three children, freelancing as a musician, and producing and engineering music in a recording studio in Visby.

  • FILM-NIGHT/ Tuesday, 31th of July

Take the opportunity to see the iconic film PERSONA by Ingmar Bergman that was shot on the island. The night will take place in the Cinema of the Bergman-Center. Alternatively cuddle up to watch Pippi Longstocking, which has been shot further south on Gotland.

  • MEDIEVAL CONCERT / Wednesday, 01th of August – OPEN TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC (Costs: for free)

Don’t miss the chance of listening to a medieval concert with the singer and violinist Kristin Svensson 

  • NSU-GAMES/ Thursday, 02th of August 

Social outdoor game competition night for everybody who wants to have fun. We challenge each other in different disciplines.

  • MINI-FESTIVAL/ Friday, 03th of August – OPEN TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC (Costs: for free)

Encounter works from Swedish artists that are currently on the Island and from NSU-participants as well that will be shown at different locations at Farö Kursgard. 


Songs of Dreams and Sorrows / live music performance by Alma Meretoja 20:30 -20:50 (by the piano in the bar)

Kingdom of Freedom /  Documentary film by Niina Oisalo
21:00 -21:30 (big conference hall/ Digerhuvud)

Apple Orange / Philosophical performance by Nicole des Bouvrie                        21:45 – 22:00 (big conference hall/ Digerhuvud)

Mersong – sea water, hot summer and no more legs for walking / Performance by Tuuli Malla, ca 15 min
22:10 -22.25 (in the shower by the Sauna:)

Flowering to silence / Spatial installation by Joanna Sperry Joans                           From 22:00 ————–>

Emily Thålin / live concert 
(Gotland Composer School)
22:30 -23:00 (at the terrace outside the bar)


The Mary Shelley Project. Research 1: The Last Girl on Earth / 5 min montage film by swedish director Sofia Norlin, currently artist in resident at Fårögårdarna.  (Trossen)

Fyrkarakter / Navigational light sequence (Fårö fyr) / film by Hild Borchgrevink, ca 15 min (Window by the bar area )

Annikki Wahlöö, Benedikte Esperi och Cia Runesson (Area around the trees by the hammocks)

Courage / a one to one performance by Camilla Grafff Junior (Library)

Sound pieces/compositions by Niklas Lindberg, Annie Björkman, Francesco Sottile och Miranda Abra-Hamsson (Gotland Composer school)
(by the hammocks)