Photo by Annikki Wahlöö

Summer Session 2018 

From 29th of July until 05th of August 2018, the 69th summer session from the Nordic Summer University (NSU) will take place for the first time at Fårö Island.

For almost seventy years, NSU has been an established institution that provides a lively forum for academics, intellectuals and artists from the Nordic and Baltic regions (but not only). Every year it organises a summer session in a different country and location that gathers all the participants from the NSU affiliated study circles by creating an international community engaged in cross-disciplinary research enquiries. The NSU gives priority to topical subjects of study that are often on the margins of disciplinary boundaries not already established at the universities.

This year’s summer session will be held at the Fårö Kursgard, a former military camp built during World War II. This special location will offer the possibility of creating a research environment by exploring its different locations and  unique surroundings. Besides the everyday activities from each study circle, this summer session aims to engage the participants in a variety of social and/or cultural experiences, be it in a screening of a Bergman’s film, a reinvigorating morning yoga session, an entertaining evening with musical and performative interventions or simply in the various possibilities of meeting people from the other study circles. The program will be complemented with lectures by the international keynote speakers Molly Andrews (UK) and Jason De León (US). So be prepared for a fascinating and inspiring time at Fårö Kursgård!