The glowing tents were easy to notice between the pine-trees during the mini-festival in NSU. Those were “In-tents-intervention” by Annikki Wahlöö, Benedikte Esperi and Cia Runesson, each of them intervened one tent, where they created personal participatory performances, related to the subject of artistic research. By indirect tools and metaphors, they triggered in every visitor a chain of thoughts and associations reflecting on own attitude and methods in the artistic research. The queueing visitors could lay on the blankets between tree tents and continue the flow of reflection with each other, the other left for the performance of Tuuli Mall “Mersong – sea water, hot summer and no more legs for walking”where from the positon of the mermaid, the performer made an artistic comment on the common experience in NSU (hot days and water shortage warnings) and on the global reasons behind these local conditions. The performance was an intervention in the space of sauna and included usage of the authentic sea-water brought directly from the beach of Fårö.

Anna Semenova Ganz 

Photo by Ami Skånberg Dahlstedt

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