Follow the white paper

A group of people silently left the conference-hall and went out to the sunny street following the woman who was tearing the sheets from the book and placing them as the traces behind herself. The followers started to catch the sheets, which were tempting to fly away. Fortunately, there are enough of stones on the Fårö and they immediately were used to keep the sheets down to the ground, so they made a trail, trail of text mapped on the surface of the camp.

Some spectators made small installations from the found sheets, other were writing some comments on them. From time to time one could notice some highlighted text on the next sheet, which made one to bend to the paper and to read it bowing. After a while (somewhere on the page number 100) the group was already randomly spread along the whole trail exploring the relation between the words, sheets, shadows, stones and the dry grass.

There was a camera circulating between spectators, so each of them turned for some time into the cameraman documenting this site-specific semiotic work, presented by Alexandra Litaker, the participant of the Circle 7.

Photo & Report by Anna Semenova-Ganz


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